Civil War

This week’s attempt to pass The American Healthcare Act (better known as ‘Trumpcare’) is yet another demonstration of how the Republican party now openly wages war on America’s population.

Trump’s awful bill is predicted to leave 23-million Americans uninsured, all-but guaranteeing tens of thousands of deaths caused solely by a lack of medical funding. Medicaid is to be cut by $800 billion, hurting the old, the weak, the young and the sick. Children’s hospitals and aged care facilities will see harsh budget cuts, inevitably passed on to their patients.

It’s remarkable how overt is the acceptance that for Republicans, the price of a tax cut for the wealthy is the death of thousands of poor people.

And it’s not just healthcare. Republicans allow corporate tax evasion and the offshoring of funds, robbing the government of billions of dollars that might otherwise be spent on public safety measures like healthcare and roads. Republicans encourage the easing of restrictive gun-laws, guaranteeing tens of thousands of civilian deaths. They see no reason to rein in a police force that demonstrably targets and often murders black Americans such as Philando Castile, who was calmly cooperating with police seconds before he was shot dead.

It’s hard not to conclude that Donald Trump and the Republican party have declared war on America’s poor and minorities, in order to further enrich the wealthiest people in the country. In this war, the lives of thousands of poor people don’t matter at all, so long as the continued upward distribution of wealth is allowed to continue.

It was poor white Americans who overwhelmingly backed Donald Trump in 2016. They put him in the White House, and now he is showing his true colors. ‘Trumpcare’ shows that Trump doesn’t care – about you, about anyone but himself. He doesn’t care if his policies mean that you will die.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but if Trumpcare becomes law real people are going to see their precious healthcare ripped away from them. People are going to see their friends and family members die, knowing that proper healthcare could have saved them.

Republicans have declared war on the American people. At some point, the American people are going to respond in kind.