Dancing Israelis

Strange things were afoot in and around Manhattan on 9/11. Five Israeli army veterans were seen in Jersey City, taking photos of themselves with the smoking wrecks of the Twin Towers in the background, and appearing to celebrate. Local residents called the police, disturbed by the incongruous behaviour.

That afternoon, police stopped a truck on the approach to the George Washington Bridge. When the five occupants were arrested at gunpoint, police found box-cutters in the van, as well as maps of New York with high-profile locations highlighted. One of the men had $4,700 cash hidden in his sock. All those arrested had two passports, one European, one Israeli. Bomb-sniffing dogs detected explosive residue inside the van. As they were being arrested, the driver of the van told police that they weren’t ‘the problem’, they were on America’s ‘side’, and that Palestinians were America’s problem.

Two of the five arrested men were determined by the FBI to be Mossad agents. The five Israelis were held for 71 days then, amazingly, released without charge and deported.

It gets stranger. On their return to Israel in November 2001, the five chose to go on a TV chat show to talk about 9/11. As part of a conversation concerning why they were in America, one told the host ‘our purpose was to document the event’.

It might be possible to argue that the five Israelis were merely spies who by chance found themselves near the scene of the attacks and displayed appalling and astonishingly poorly judged behaviour. However, ‘our purpose was to document the event’ sounds unequivocally like evidence that the attacks were known to be coming before they commenced.

In total, almost 200 Israelis were deported before and after 9/11. Whatever the reason for their presence, it’s clear there was a massive Israeli intelligence operation in place. It’s not tenable to suggest that what happened around 9/11 was just a routine intelligence gathering operation – Israel had spies on the ground who were physically very close to many of the alleged hijackers, as well as Mossad agents near New York who knew what was about to happen. As such, this represents the most grave betrayal of America imaginable, and should have caused the US government to cut all ties with Israel, with the seismic ramifications that would have caused.

Israel is supposed to be America’s most implacable ally. Its very survival would be in question if the US ever chose to abandon the country politically or militarily. Instead, the entire matter was (and remains) swept under the carpet and, as America’s sights turned on the Middle East and demonising Muslims, Israel became one of the main beneficiaries of 9/11.

Attached to this story is, incidentally, a salutary demonstration of how the US media still works. When Donald Trump was running for the Republican nomination in 2015, he claimed that thousands of Muslim people were seen cheering from New Jersey as the twin towers fell. Trump said he’d seen the footage on youtube. This revoltingly emotive lie was fact-checked by many and found to be entirely untrue, but the documented, published and clear evidence of cheering Israelis that day didn’t once get a mention.