Further Reading

9-11 Ten Years Later9/11 Ten Years Later. David Ray Griffin is the most widely published author about 9/11. This book describes both the events on 9/11 and their context, as well as asking why American journalism still shies away from rational discussion of 9/11 and how America can recover. Griffin’s earlier book ‘The New Pearl Harbor’ is probably the best introduction to 9/11 and the falsity of the official story.

9-11 Synthetic Terror9/11 Synthetic Terror. Webster Tarpley’s book is the most readable book on 9/11, although it moves wildly from conspiracy to Nazis and Guy Fawkes. If you can handle the madness, it’s a great read.

The Terror TimelineThe Terror Timeline. Paul Thompson’s definitive guide to the timelines associated with the various events and players surrounding the 9/11 attacks is brilliantly researched. The book coldly reports what happened, and uses open source media to show how the official 9/11 story is filled with contradictions and inexplicable events and behaviour. If you want to know everything about 9/11, this is a great place to start.

towers of deceptionTowers of Deception. Barrie Zwicker explains how the American media failed to act as gatekeepers for the Bush administration’s lies, as well as several other related topics. A superb description of how information is partitioned out so as to support obvious lies.

The War on TruthThe War on Truth and The War on Freedom. Academic Nafeez Ahmed has written two brilliant books about 9/11, dissecting how and why America was attacked, and how terrorism interconnects with geopolitics. These two books expose the hypocrisy of international politics, and how this manifested itself so brutally on 9/11.

War and GlobalisationWar and Globalisation. The more you look into geopolitics, the easier it is to understand that war, terrorism and global finance are essentially pieces on a chessboard being manipulated by those in Power. Michel Chossudovsky’s book highlights how money and power drive America, and how everything else is just window-dressing.