Examining the key players within America’s government as well as the states that supported and carried out the attacks, ‘Death of a Nation’ shows that 9/11 was falsely portrayed by the Bush administration, and in fact carried out by elements within the United States government and military, to further their own geopolitical and financial interests.

9/11 was an event engineered and designed to allow the Bush administration to hijack America’s democracy, conducting huge and expensive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and overseeing a financial boom that robbed the middle class of a generation of wealth and brought the world to its knees in 2008.

‘Death of a Nation’ provides a searing indictment of the role now played by America in global affairs, and warns that with a broken society and body politic, the world is seeing the rise of the most overtly fascist nation since the Second World War, with profoundly disturbing implications for the future of humanity.

A generation is coming of age that doesn’t remember 9/11 happening, and knows of no world but this. We can’t allow this to be the new normal. ‘Death of a Nation’ will change your view of the events of 9/11 and force you to question America’s self-appointed position as leader of the free world.