Well, it’s here

Well, it’s here.

I had a simple premise – that the events of September 11th 2001 were falsely portrayed, and in fact carried out by elements within the US government and military. Further, I felt that the effect of that terrible day is still felt across American political society, and has put that country’s democracy in mortal peril.

I took to getting up at five in the morning, so as to spend every available waking moment doing the research required to put a long non-fiction book together. Despite this, research took me the best part of two years.

What I found during that time is that the evidence casting doubt on the official 9/11 narrative is overwhelming, undeniable, and surprisingly obvious. It’s amazing to me that we collectively swallowed this cockamamie story about an attack by a Saudi on dialysis in a cave on the other side of the world, who somehow took the most sophisticated military on earth by surprise, and managed to demolish three buildings with two planes. What is striking about the holes in the 9/11 story is that they are not nuanced, opaque or subtle – the entire tale is like a swiss cheese, filled with obvious, ridiculous inconsistencies and falsity.

Yet, counter-intuitively, this flimsy house of cards has been able to stand these last sixteen years.

9/11 explains much about what followed, including the bogus ‘War on Terror’, Iraq, Afghanistan, the financial crash and – ultimately – the rise of Donald J. Trump to the presidency.

Once researched, I spent a further year actually writing the book, and trying to turn a veritable mountain of evidence into a cohesive narrative that was accessible and easy to read.

Early in 2016 I had a bit of luck. I was very fortunate to work with the brilliant Daniel Arthur for a few months, checking and researching aspects of the story that were not complete. Dan encouraged me to be more confident with my goals for the book, as did coach Jane Porter. Then I was fortunate enough to get Dylan Avery, creator of ‘Loose Change’, to write the book’s foreword. This lent great credibility.

These three individuals combined to broaden my scope and increase the confidence of my goals, and a box of papers and a file on my desktop became a book, with a striking cover and all the other little elements that turn a raw stone into a polished gem.

I finished writing the book around May 2016, and printed a few hundred copies for my family and friends.

Almost immediately, I was offered a contract for world rights by Skyhorse, a publisher in New York. Skyhorse Publishing, the ‘fastest growing independent publisher’ in the United States, have had 46 books on the New York Times best-sellers list. They bring distribution and professional resources that I can only have dreamed of.

I think the final copy is infinitely better edited and presented than the one I printed last year. Crucially, it now concludes with a chapter on Trump, which is like having a great punch-line to a joke, if your subject is the collapse of American political society. The final chapter squares the circle on the narrative of my book, but provides me little comfort in other ways.

So, my book is published tomorrow. For those of you outside the US, the best way to buy a copy is probably via Amazon. In the US, the book should be available through Barnes & Noble outlets.

If the premise of my book is correct (it is), then this remains one of the most relevant and important stories of our generation. The rise of someone like Donald Trump is indicative of a democracy in deep peril. The extraordinary danger of this authoritarian, deeply mentally disturbed man is yet to manifest itself, but it’s only a matter of time, and I expect drama once the August recess is over.

Writing this book has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I’m incredibly proud of the finished product, and – naturally – encourage you all to buy a copy and take a look. You may find that the world is not as you previously perceived it to be. The state of America’s democracy reflects the moral decay of its political class, and presents a clear and present danger to peace on earth.

You’ll enjoy the book. We go live tomorrow.

Thanks. George.